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Aug 19

Why Architects?

Sam Schaust's Author Photo
Sam Schaust

“If we built every building the same, then we wouldn’t need architects.” Believe it or not, I have had that expression said to me more than once in my eight years of going to school for and practicing architecture. Each time it is phrased a little differently, but ultimately the…

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Aug 20

Bringing a Vision to the Region: DeKalb County

Elevatus Architecture's Author Photo
Elevatus Architecture

Making a positive impact within a city will help create a stronger region. Elevatus Architecture has conducted a series of projects that have helped uplift life in DeKalb, and specifically Auburn, Indiana. This historic town holds cheerful value as the people who make it are what brings great attitude to…

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Jul 20

Architects as Avengers

Douglas Routh's Author Photo
Douglas Routh

Post-WWII housing boom. 21st Century Learning. Haussmann’s renovation of Paris. Design evolves in cycles prompting that new ways of design be reimagined in response to social changes. In post-WWII, the desire for car-oriented suburbs spawned a demand for affordable housing. Architects responded with a change of house design to compact…