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Aug 19

Mental Health in the Workplace: a personal story on cause and effect

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Cory Dietz

I bet we all could think back to one moment in our careers where we weren’t sure just what tomorrow would hold for us. These thoughts can sometimes plague us throughout our lifetimes. In my case, I wasn’t sure what I was professionally meant to do. Sadly, quite a few times. As with any profession, the toll on one’s health, both mentally and p ...

Aug 19

Elevatus Employee Earns Construction Documents Technologist (CDT ®) Certification

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Elevatus Architecture

The team at Elevatus Architecture is pleased to inform that Design Technician Brandon White has received his Construction Documents Technologist (CDT ®) certification. The Construction Specifications Institute issued his certificate. Brandon White has worked for Elevatus Architecture since February 2018. His area of work includes the justice, r ...