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Apr 22

Earth Day 2022: Sustainability, Adaptive Reuse, Electric Works

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Emma Ocken

As today is earth day, it seems fitting to discuss the topic of sustainability in architecture. As those involved in the architectural community are aware, many different practices can be implemented into a project to deliver a more sustainable product. In this post, however, I would like to discuss an…

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Dec 29

Life is What You Make of It. Here we come, 2022.

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Elevatus Architecture

As we look to conclude this calendar year, our hearts cannot be more grateful for the moments we’ve spent together as a company. We create a positive culture that fosters growth by taking time to give back, putting forth boundless energy in our pursuits, and serving our clients well. A…

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Dec 22

A Christmas Message from Mike Gouloff

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Mike Gouloff

Christmas is a special time of year for me. Family and friends are what Christmas is about. This has been a very challenging year for us all, but we have a lot to be thankful for. With all the personal, social, and political confusion in the air, it is difficult…

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Oct 22

Conquering Proposal Writing and Development

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Stephanie Kelly

Ah, proposals… they are quite the endeavor. An endeavor that can spark creativity while also sparking hair-on-fire moments. It’s indeed a love-hate relationship; at least that’s been my experience. Proposals are an attempt at an intricate balance between sharing your firm’s message, experience, and passion while relaying requested and sometimes…