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architect drawing on paper
Dec 29

Architecture and Design Trends for 2021

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Elevatus Architecture

Here are a few of our teammates’ responses to trends in to the New Year: With a strong design shift on the horizon for 2021, spaces will see the effects of how people gather in communal spaces, what surfaces you encounter, and the ways materials can be cleaned. Mid-century modern…

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Apr 28

Garnering a Relationship Before Designing Anything

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Cory Dietz

My team requires me to provide them with some initial information on our clients before we first put pen to paper, or these days, click the mouse. If not, then there is no primary metric for us to interpret a client’s desires, wishes, and more importantly, needs. Sometimes we get…

image of aero center building
Mar 16

Think Green: Fort Wayne Aero Center’s Sustainable Design

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Elevatus Architecture

We hold the thought of a sustainable built environment very close to us. Through various measures, we practice a conscious approach in developing designs that generate positive benefits to the environment. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, is a verification process that aims to help promote the conceptual…