Life is What You Make of It. Here we come, 2022.

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Dec 29

Don't Worry; Be Happy—living life above the clouds.

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Cory Dietz

This classic 1988 tune is catchy to sing and hum, but how hard is it to live by? In a world where everyone is chasing the dream, most people need to find the resolve to live it day by day. I often say to myself; every day is a new chance to start over and make a difference. I immediately pray and thank God for giving me another day as soon as my ey ...

Dec 29

Elevatus Announces Three New Registered Architects

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Elevatus Architecture

The team at Elevatus Architecture is elated to announce that Jennifer Snell, AIA, Joshua Kasper, AIA, and Sam Schaust, AIA, are now all Licensed Architects. They all have completed the registration requirements for the State of Indiana. Jennifer Snell, AIA, has been with Elevatus Architecture since June 2018. Her project involvement includes ada ...