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Sep 02

Architectural Acoustic Design Series: Part 1

Karla Buchan's Author Photo
Karla Buchan

When someone mentions acoustics, what usually comes to mind? Musical? Performing arts? Noise?  Often, when we think of acoustics, we think of how sound reverberates through a performance space to either enhance or impede the listener’s experience, how loud an environment feels, or the lack of appropriate sound in an…

Mar 15

Elevatus Architecture Hires Interior Designer Karla Buchan

Elevatus Architecture's Author Photo
Elevatus Architecture

Increased workload for interiors work fuels hiring Karla Buchan, IIDA, has joined Elevatus Architecture as an Interior Designer. Elevatus has recently seen an increase in national-level work that has fueled a significant need in interior design. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Architectural Engineering and Bachelor’s in Interior Design, both…