Elevatus adds Aaron Organ to team

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Dec 22

'Believe': Elevatus CEO Mike Gouloff's paintings of Santa celebrate meaning of Christmas

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Aaron Organ

Tucked away in a quaint workshop in the basement of his Fort Wayne home, Mike Gouloff paints. His brushes create a face, then a red stocking hat, and eventually, a white beard. One after the other, the canvases become art. Santas. Mike isn’t a professional artist per se, rather an architect and the CEO of quickly growing Elevatus Archite ...

Dec 22

Elevatus Adds Dave Burwell to Team

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Elevatus Architecture

Seasoned designer joins growing architecture firm  Elevatus Architecture is fortunate to announce that Dave Burwell has onboarded with our team. Dave has worked in architecture for more than four decades. During that time, he has excelled in architectural design through the use of computer-aided design software. Dave’s incredible work ethi ...