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Dec 16

Connecting Dow Recreation and Wellness Center

Nicholas Bloom's Author Photo
Nicholas Bloom

When Elevatus received word that we would be working with Albion College to create an addition to their existing Dow Recreation and Wellness Center, we were intrigued and excited. As an aspiring architect, I believe that design is impactful and inspirational, especially in higher education. It was essential for this…

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Apr 28

Garnering a Relationship Before Designing Anything

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Cory Dietz

My team requires me to provide them with some initial information on our clients before we first put pen to paper, or these days, click the mouse. If not, then there is no primary metric for us to interpret a client’s desires, wishes, and more importantly, needs. Sometimes we get…

image of e-gaming lounge
Mar 19

eSports and Higher Ed

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Elevatus Architecture

While programming the spaces which would be included in Trine University’s MTI Center, one of the spaces was to be dedicated to e-gaming.  As an architecture firm, we have to be familiar with many different types of building typologies, programmed spaces, and spatial function.  Since e-gaming was a new spatial…

Apr 24

Designing the Optimal High School for Learning

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Elevatus Architecture

In the process of developing a 21st century architectural model for education it became clear that the general population of most schools would be bigger than is optimum for great educational opportunities. We have seen this in our own Fort Wayne community as well as in other communities that have engaged us at Elevatus Architecture for education facility design in Indiana and nationwide.