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Mar 24

Handling Negative Situations

Brett Gauger's Author Photo
Brett Gauger

In the most difficult times, life is not only present to give you the energy to overcome the obstacles but also to prepare you for what’s to come. Think of your thoughts of being a catalyst. I really think at times, we get these feelings that cause us to go off-course and irrational thoughts of defeat and decline can inevitable. A feeling wher ...

Mar 24

eSports and Higher Ed

Elevatus Architecture's Author Photo
Elevatus Architecture

While programming the spaces which would be included in Trine University’s MTI Center, one of the spaces was to be dedicated to e-gaming.  As an architecture firm, we have to be familiar with many different types of building typologies, programmed spaces, and spatial function.  Since e-gaming was a new spatial function for us, we had to researc ...