From a Perspective: The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center

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Feb 16

Construction Administration Information Transportation (CAIT) – My Video Game

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Leigh Bowman

I’ve never been a “gamer,” other than our family's annual New Year’s Eve Mario Party 6 on Wii years ago when our daughters were still home. I don’t know the difference between a PlayStation, an Xbox, or a Nintendo Switch! However, I play my own game all day five days a week, in my field of construction administration. My game is called Co ...

Feb 16

Q&A With Newly Registered Architects

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Elevatus Architecture

Becoming a Licensed Architect requires serious dedication and commitment. Architects Josh Kasper, AIA, Jen Snell, AIA, and Sam Schaust, AIA answer a few questions following obtaining their new credentials. What steps did you take throughout your testing process? JK: I had to make studying a priority and as a result I had to sacrifice time spent w ...