Elevatus Architecture Celebrates Five Years Since Rebrand

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Jul 21

Experienced Justice Design Specialist Joins Elevatus Architecture

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Elevatus Architecture

Rapid growth in developing specialized justice facilities leads to new hire. Elevatus Architecture is proud to welcome back Justice Design Specialist, Dave Sholl, to the company. Dave spent the majority of his tenure with Fort Wayne-based SchenkelShultz from 1983 to 2015 as Vice President of Justice Design. Dave also led the justice team in the ...

Jul 21

Architects as Avengers

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Douglas Routh

Post-WWII housing boom. 21st Century Learning. Haussmann's renovation of Paris. Design evolves in cycles prompting that new ways of design be reimagined in response to social changes. In post-WWII, the desire for car-oriented suburbs spawned a demand for affordable housing. Architects responded with a change of house design to compact prototypes ...