Roberto Medina Joins Elevatus Architecture

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Aug 24

Architectural Acoustic Design Series: Part 1

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Karla Buchan

When someone mentions acoustics, what usually comes to mind? Musical? Performing arts? Noise?  Often, when we think of acoustics, we think of how sound reverberates through a performance space to either enhance or impede the listener’s experience, how loud an environment feels, or the lack of appropriate sound in an environment. Did you kn ...

Aug 24

National Intern Day 2022: A Q&A with Elevatus' Interns

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Elevatus Architecture

Kaleb Study What steps should someone take to prepare for an internship in the architecture and design industry? I think that the most important steps to prepare for an internship are being ready to learn more about architecture and design, I have spent just over a month working here, and I have learned so much already. Another important step is ...